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Tianjin DEK Chemical Company Ltd.Since the establishment. Tianjin DEK Chemical Company Ltd (DEK) always adhere to scientific and technological process, innovation and development, persist cooperative development, ahead positioning of variety and quality, and initiate the marketing concept of service reflects eternal value. Now DEK has become a well-known fine chemical manufacturer and dealer in our country.
DEK was founded in 1993 and has become a limited liability company after 4 times restructuring. The company owns registered capital of 32 million yuan, lies in Jian Road in Dongli District of Tianjin and has 221 employees, company asset of 80 million yuan, net asset of 50 million yuan and AA credit rating in banks.
DEK is member unit of International Association of Colorist, China branch. Our company was identified as "high-tech enterprise" in 2004 and won many titles like Petrochemical Industry Outstanding Private Enterprise, Outstanding Technology Private Enterprise, Tianjin Technical Innovation Outstanding Enterprise, etc. In 2002, DEK passed famous BSI ISO9001 quality system certification; in 2007, carried out clean production review and pass expert review in July 2008; in 2009, identified as Tianjin youth employment internship base by League Central, Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau and Tianjin Polytechnic University.
DEK has the production capacity of 4,000 tons/year and the annual sales revenue of nearly 100 million yuan. There are three main product categories: DEKsol series reactive dye for cotton, Delosol series dye (reactive and acid) for wool and organic intermediate. The product quality has reached international advanced and domestic leading level. Based on production refining, gentrification and sustainable development, we focus on the clean and civilized production process and product environmental protection. At present, there are 60 dye products and over 100 varieties. 85% of them has no sewage during product. All the product and process technology intellectual properties belong to DEK. "DEKsol" and "Delosol" obtained a double title of Tianjin Famous Brand Product and Famous Trademark.
During the production and marketing, DEK always adhere to scientific and technological progress, take own research and development as the fundamental guarantee of survival and development, and product and technology innovation as core competitiveness of enterprise development. DEK has undertaken national and municipal research projects and all project products are industrialized and formed to series products. Th quality has reached international advanced level. We have won National Key New Product Certificate, National Torch Project Certificate, Tianjin New Product Certificate, Science and Technical Progress 3rd Prize, Technical Innovation Project 1st Prize, etc. and has get national and municipal supporting funds for times. In 2003, DEK was honored as "Excellent Quality, Key Recommended Product" by CIESC, Fine Chemical Professional Committee.
With the upgrading of product R & D, DEK continue to enter the field of independent innovation, applied new structural dye international registration and began to implement intellectual property strategy. Now, we have got 178 National Intellectual Property Office patent application numbers and 2 of them have got PCT international patent application number, 8 initiative new dye structure that have got international dye reference number. We have 5 breakthrough innovations in product molecular structure, control and detection methods, membrane technology application, product application and cleaner production. 80% of the patents we declared has achieved industrialization and become an important part of enterprise key products and core competitiveness and display significant economic and social benefits. DEK is assessed to have more than 100 million yuan intangible assets.
In the past two years, to seek greater development, DEK bought 100mu land in Bohua fine chemical base of Dagang marine petrochemical science and technology park to build a new 25,000 tons fine chemical production base. The first phase was finished in 2010 and the new base will be fully completed by the end of 2011. The annual sales will reach 900 million yuan after all projects finished. The new base will reflect the idea of scientific outlook on development, science and technology are primary productive force and innovative development. With the principle of "energy conservation, energy efficiency", DEK is aiming to become a sustainable enterprise, catch up with international advance level, and provide dyeing industry with updated products and better services.